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Do you have any pictures of the old school PS 80. It was on West 18th Street. I went to school there back in 1967. Thank you very much.

– romerojojo2000

Here’s a photo from our archive. We hope it brings back memories!

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  1. Louis Frankel Says:

    Thank you very much for posting this picture of PS 80. I attended PS 80 from 1955 to 1961. It was between West 17th and West 19th Street (there is no West 18th Street) and between Mermaid Avenue and Neptune Avenue. This picture was taken on West 19th Street looking toward Neptune Avenue, almost near Neptune Avenue. I spent many great years there and have tremendous cherished memories from there. The teachers cared and the students were great. I am still in touch with some of the students and my 6th grade teacher. It’s simply amazing. I feel so lucky to have attended such a great school at that time. Can you please send this picture to my Email as I would like to forward it? Thank you very much.

  2. Michael Falken Says:

    I was a classmate of Louis Frankel all through our years at PS 80. He is certainly correct…it was a great school, with caring teachers, and lots of fun-loving classmates. Also, growing up in Coney Island was a lot like living at Disney World (well, that may be a slight exaggeration!). The beach was a couple of blocks away, as were the amusement parks and the ballfields at Kaiser Park.

  3. Roy Omori Says:

    I too attended PS 80 from 1955 to 1961. The 6th grade teacher must have been Mr.Okin maybe ? who was also mine and my brother and sister’s 6th grade teacher. This view is on the 19th street side and there’s the deli-candy store next to it. Sadly the last time I was there PS 80 was gone. I have very fond memories of growing up in Coney Island thanks for the memories

  4. Wally Cotto Says:

    I remember P S 80, IN THE EARLY 70`S
    It consisted of two sides. . Bill & John were the custodians.

  5. Roy Brandquist Says:

    Hello I would like to know if you would be able to e-mail me photos of P.S.80 White Building

    From 17th Street as well as Brown Building from 19th St. I’m also interested in photos

    from all residential streets in Coney Island. I will buy photos or even negatives if you have

    any to sell. Thank you Roy B. Cell # 917-405-7206

    P.S. I’m also A GRADUATE of P.S. 80 Principal was Joseph Janofsky and vice principals

    were Mrs. Feldune ? and Mr. Schwartz – Years ATTENDED Sept. 1957 To June 1964

  6. Kathy Says:

    I found a photo of a (perhaps not yours) P.S. 80 1935 class picture inside a classroom. There are a few adults in the picture. I’m trying to determine which PS 80 (where in the country) it would be. I found the photo in Jersey (but they don’t have “P.S.” there- so I’m guessing NYC somewhere. I’m happy to send a snapshot of it to anyone who wants to try to identify the school.

  7. Sandy Albarino Says:

    Hi I’m older than all attended from 1950-55 was supposed to go to Mark Twaine Jr High but we moved to Long Island. Thanks for the picture and the info. Any PS 80 students around my time? Does Louis Frankel have a relation Leroy he was in my class. Also interested in info about Jewish Synagogue on Mermaid Ave near where I lived. Tried looking it up on internet got name Shaare Zedek but I don’t remember. Coney Island was great simple fun, with roller skates w/keys, we built scooters out of wood boxes,street games and fun. Kids now have Video games,Ipads,Itouch,etc and they are always still bored!

  8. andy Says:

    I went to p.s. 80 from 1970 – 1976. i lived down the block from the school. first on w20th st and then moved to the projects on surf ave. across where ice skating ring. In 76 I moved to New Jersey. I’m writing to see if i could find some that went to the school the same time i did. See if any one posted old school, class photos from those years. I lost all of mine with all the moving I done in the 70′s and into the 80′s. If anyone out there could help i’ll highly appreciate.

  9. joe durante Says:

    the school and the synagogue are both gone p.s.80 was replaced by single family houses.The synagogue was a vacated lot the last time I was there. I went to P.S. 80 in it’s last years k to 5 grade then to P.S 90 left Coney in 1968 just after the riots . moved toBensonhurst .loved Coney and west 15 street & Neptune Ave.

  10. Diana Omori Says:

    Hi! I attended from 1950-55 and also went to Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln. Does anybody have pictures of P.S. 80 from the W. 17th Street side? Across the street was Tanenbaum’s Candy Store.
    Mr. Harry Okin was our 6th Grade teacher. Sadly, P.S. 80 is gone. It was a great Coney Island school. Lots of fond memories from those days.

  11. Barry Says:

    Hi would like to know if anyone knows what happened to items from the PS80 library before building was destroyed. My brother and l went there in the mid 60′s and there in was a plaque in the library with his name as he died in 1968.

  12. Ginny Garms Reimann Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this picture. I also attended this school until 1958 when we moved to Bellport, N.Y. My mother used to work at Tanenbaum’s Candy Store for several years. I remember they had the best chocolate soda. A lot of good memories from both places.

  13. Andy Says:

    I wrote a while back asking for some class photos dating back to 1969 to 1976. I wish I remember some of my teachers names. I remember one day the vice principal came into our 3rd grade class with this humongous video camera. This was like 1972-73. He took video of us. I wonder if that video or any colloection of his video still exist. Anybody remember the prinicial or vice principal name?
    You could E mail me @ send photos if anyone has any. THANKS

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