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Patricia Sener
Sea Gate resident and co-founder of CIBBOWS - Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers
Eva Zucker
Memories of a Yiddish literary household in 1940's and 1950's Coney Island and Sea Gate
Peter Spanakos
Founder of the Sea Gate Historical Society
Michele Forsten
Lived in Luna Park Housing in the 1960's
David Rapaport
Got stuck on the Parachute Jump
Larry Berkley
Born and raised in Coney and lived there for 18 years
Anne Greenspan
Lifelong Coney and Sea Gate resident
Joseph Errante
Former resident theater artist at Coney Island USA
Phil Einhorn
Grew up in Coney Island
Namomi Gorin
Summer resident of Sea Gate
Lennie Fogel
Son of West End and Sea Gate shopkeepers in the 1940's and 50's