Whether people visited Coney Island on vacation or grew up near the beach and Boardwalk, they have powerful and often indelible memories of their experiences. Taken together, these impressions form a vivid record of Coney Island over the decades. To preserve this past, the Coney Island Voices oral history project has created an archive of interviews with people of all generations and backgrounds. Use the lists below to browse for interviews or search for interviews using the above form.

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Incubator Babies
Few people realize than one of the most important medical innovations of the 20th century, neonatal care and the infant incubator, was largely developed in Coney Island at a sideshow attraction! Dr. Martin Couney was a neonatal pioneer in 19th ce...
Features 6 interviews with:
Roslyn Tromer, Beth Allen, Terry Silverman, Sea Gate Beach 4, Beach Filling Operations, Bulldozer, Page 18-19: Ups and Downs; Advertisement for Steeplechase Park, and Crowd on Beach near Stillwell Avenue

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