Boxing Restauranteur

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
There was a restaurant on the corner of West 16th Street and Surf Ave owned by a boxer in the fifties.  What was his name?  Thank you!
- Jimmy P

Hello Jimmy,

His name was Tony Pellone. He and his family had several other bars and restaurants in Coney including the Hollywood Bar in the Stillwell terminal and the Lido on the Boardwalk. "Tough Tony" was a top welterweight who fought against such champions as Kid Gavilan and Bob Montgomery. He died at Coney Island Hospital in 1996.


I heard the was a boxing gym in coney island somewhere near the keyspan baseball field. Is that true and if yes where is it?

Before the Pellone's the boardwalk Lido Bar & Grill was owned by the Arniotes family. In his younger years the late Supreme Court Judge Vasilios ("Billy A.") Arniotes was the bartender. The Arniotes family sold it in 1963. The waitress and sometimes chef was his sister Diane who passed away Inauguration Day 2009. Steve Arniotes, who made pizza there, later became a Civil Court Judge and still practices law.

Tony lived on Dahill road in Gravesend as an old man. I remember him. He was a colorful local character, with his Chihuahua and bashed up boxer's face. Most people laughed him off (he looked pretty bummy and was almost constantly guzzling beer), but anyone who actually talked to him would get some great stories about his past.

Hey, on the corner of 31st and Mermaid was Kesslers bar. Ex boxer, anyone remembers. Upstairs was the Jewish Center were we had a club called the Griffins. That was the year we started to look at girls. Remember

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