Crown Bar and Clement Hotel on West 15th Street

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Hello!  I found your website while looking through some old Coney Island photos. I saw a photo of Tony's Hotel on West 15th Street in Coney Island! It brought back so many memories. I spent the evening looking for a photo of the  Hotel Clement - located on the other side of the same street.   As a kid - during the late 50s and early 60s, I would accompany my grandmother to Coney Island from New Jersey.  She went to Coney Island each year for the beach and for the hot baths. The place for the baths was called Bushman, I think.We stayed each year for two weeks at the Hotel Clement. It was just down the street from Gargiulo's Restaurant and next door to a local Fire House. I didn't find any pictures of West 15th Street - other than Gargiulo's and Tony's Hotel.  Can you direct me to a site where I might find a picture of the Hotel Clement? I'd greatly appreciate it.    
- Anthony

Hello Anthony and Kevin,

Here is a photo of West 15th Street showing the Clement Hotel, Dempsey's Crown Bar, the Firehouse, and Gargiulos. All of these buildings except Gargiulo's Restaurant were demolished several decades ago. The firehouse was demolished on its 100th birthday in 1995. 


Thank you so much for posting a photo of my Aunt Marys bar the Crown I didn't know the awning got ripped

My Aunt Mary owned that bar,I miss her and the bar so much

My sister and I spent many a Christmas at Aunt Mary and Uncle John's bar... I am pretty sure John was a retired captain of the 60th precinct

Dempseys and Clement on West 15th St can be seen in the movie The Pick-Up Artist (1987), and more of Coney Island, obviously.

Does anyone have a photo to post of a rooming house just across from the Fire Station? The address was 2922 W. 15th St. The building is no longer standing as it became a parking lot. It was just next to Tony's Rooming House, but a bit closer to Surf Ave. It was owned by Abe Fleminger.

Some tenants in that rooming house were Lilly Sheridan, Tessie Dundy, Dave Altman. Does anyone remember them?

Arlene Amblard

My father who died in the early 1900s spoke about the Clement House and the family connection. His father was Clement Browne and I am trying to find any information about it - what transpired, etc. I have an old photo but it doesn't look like this hotel at all.

When did the Clement Hotel finally close. I can not find any information about it closing or being taken down

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