Junior High School

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I was wondering, could you tell me where a 12-year-old girl would have gone to Junior High School if she lived on West 21st Street between Mermaid Ave. and Neptune Ave. in 1925? Where could I find information about school life in Coney Island during the 1920s? Thank you!
- Hunter O'Rourke

Hello Hunter,

She probably would have attended PS 80 on West 17th Street or PS 188 on Neptune Avenue near Sea Gate. There was no Junior High in the 1920s.


Let me try to help. I believe most of those schools out there were still there especially the public ones.

Yes, I know a school like Abraham Lincoln HS out there was there like since 1918 like that.

I think NYC.gov would be the best. If you want to learn more, visit the Dept of Education site or even look at City Records.

Some to many of the same schools were there in the 1950's

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