Sue, Susan and Larry Fox

Descendants of Max "Kid Twist" Zweifach

Sue, Susan and Larry Fox
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Sue Fox is the granddaughter of Max Zweifach (aka Zwerbach), a notorious Jewish gangster who was the original "Kid Twist" and the leader of Monk Eastman's gang. He died in Coney Island in 1908 at the hands of rival gangster Louie "The Lump" Pioggi during an altercation over a performer named Carroll Terry. Zweifach's great grandchildren, Larry and Susan Fox join Sue to tell the incredible story of Sue's father (also Max Zweifach) who changed his name to Matthew and kept his family history a secret from Sue her whole life. After his death, Sue learned of her father's family still living in Brooklyn and has been researching her family tree ever since. The Foxes tell of Kid Twist's associations with Tammany Hall, ticket forgery and a celery soda with a forceful marketing scheme.