Oral History Archive

Marie Roberts
A painter with a Coney Island legacy
John Rea
Began his career as a sign painter in Coney Island
Michael Onorato
Son of Steeplechase Park's general manager, James Onorato
Sal Corona
Coney Island businessman
Jimmy McCullough
Lifelong carousel owner and operator
Wally Roberts
The King of Jones Walk
Major Stacy Pandak
Helicopter pilot who landed on the Coney Island beach
Joshua Lee
Mr. Cyclone 2010
Naomi Starss
An adventuresome youth in Coney Island
Sydney Cozby
Future elephant rider for the circus
Lauren Burke
On a date with Coney Island
Shirley (DeCarlo) Helems
Remembers visiting Coney Island as a girl
Peter Spanakos
Founder of the Sea Gate Historical Society
Corinne Robbins
Grew up a daredevil in New York City
Janet Panetta
Queen of Coney Island
Sue, Susan and Larry Fox
Descendants of Max "Kid Twist" Zweifach
Lynn Osgood and Sid Finkelstein
Brother and Sister from Coney Island
John Dorman
Owner of Philips Candy Store