Four feet of water from Hurricane Sandy surged into the Coney Island History Project, causing extensive damage to our exhibit center and office on 12th Street near the Boardwalk. Over the weekend, like our friends and neighbors in Coney Island, we began a major clean up effort. Artifacts and photographs that might be saved were hosed down with water. Walls had to be ripped out and desks, cabinets and display cases, already rusted and rotting from the salt water, were dragged to the curb as trash.

“Coney Island has been destroyed many times,” said History Project director Charles Denson, who rode out the storm in Sea Gate, where his apartment flooded and his car floated away. “In the past it has burned to the ground and been ripped apart by storms.. And it has always recovered. We plan to be back better than ever.”

Please help support The Coney Island History Project’s rebuilding fund with a tax deductible contribution via our website. Your support is appreciated!

Charles Denson washes damaged photograph

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