1940s Photo on Coney Island Beach

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I have a picture of my mom and my oldest brother who are both now deceased.  Before my brother died he told me that this picture was taken on Coney Island Beach.   I plan to visit one day soon and find the exact spot they were sitting at on the beach.  I notice that the tower behind the Ferris wheel is no longer there.  I believe this picture was taken in the mid 1940's.   Just wondering how far was she from the Ferris wheel?
- Linda Brown-Terrell

Hello Linda Brown-Terrell,
This photo was taken on the beach at West 10th Street in Coney Island. The dark tower is the old Feltman’s Restaurant powerhouse chimney, demolished in 1962. The Wonder Wheel is behind it and still exists today, celebrating its 100th anniversary last year! If you go to the beach at West 10th, behind the Cyclone Roller Coaster,  facing the Wonder Wheel you will be in the exact spot that this photo was taken! Let us know when you get here, and if we’re open, we’ll guide you. . .
Charles Denson

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