Brighton Beach Airport

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I'm researching the visit of the anglo-french pioneer aviator Henri Farman to Coney Island in July/August 1908, when he gave a few public demonstration flights at Brighton Beach race track. It was the first flight New Yorkers had ever seen, and was written up extensively in the NY Times and Sceintific American. Few photographs seem to have survived though. Would you be kind enough to give me any advice as to where might be a good place to start looking? Does the event figure in your own archives?
- Reg W.

Hello Reg,

According to this story in the San Francisco Call, Farman made a flight in his "heavier-than-air flying machine" on July 31, 1908. This is the only photograph I've ever seen.


Hi! You can actually find a lot of information on this here:

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