Bushman Baths

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I hope you can help. My mother died recently and in cleaning out the house where she lived i came across a photo album with many pics of the 1920's and 30's of my grandmother and grandfather on my fathers side. There were many pics showing scenes on a beach with what looks like a beach club and some kind of elevated wood structure in the background. This structure does not look like a boardwalk. One pic, which i attached, shows my grandfather with children in front of him and in the upper left a building which i can only make out a partial name ...... *hman Baths and Restaurant. I believe this bath is either Coney Island, or somewhere in Brighton or Manhattan Beach, and if you can identify it, you would help in putting together a little piece of family history for us. Thanks so much in advance!
- Joseph Tague

Hello Joseph,

The date of this photo is circa 1921-22 and the building in the background is Bushman Baths, located at West 15th and the Boardwalk (which is under construction in the photo, completed in 1923.) Bushman Baths burned in 1973. Note the spelling change in the name (they dropped the "c" somewhere along the way.)

Hope this helps!



The Buschmab Baths was owned by Albert Buschman. I believe he also owned an amusement park and roller coaster in Coney Island. Can you give me more information on him?

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