Child's Restaurant

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
You have been so helpful to so many people and I appreciate it very much. Could you please give me the name of this building & what it was used for. Thanks!
- Jeanett

Hello Jeanett,

That structure, with its nautical themed terra cotta, is the former Childs Restaurant Building, built in 1924. There were once over 90 Childs establishments in NYC. The building is an official NYC landmark and will someday be restored as a restaurant and catering hall by Taconic Investment Properties, the company that has a 99-year lease on the property.



I hope this isnt a stupid question but are there anymore Childs Resturant chains around?? I've herd the restuarant's name in songs before and me and my friend were recently talking about resturants and "Childs" came up. I've googled and come to a real answer. Which gives me an idea that there may not be anymore chain resturants. Or are they?

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