Coney Creek Barn

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I grew up on 12th & Neptune and recall a barn or something similar near Coney Creek. I believe the Sanitation Department used it. Might you know of pictures, or any other proof? 
- AB Gold

Hello AB,

The barn was built in the late 1890s and served multiple purposes over the years: First as a Fire Department Pumping station and later a Sanitation Department salt storage facility. It was demolished about 30 years ago.


Was it really 30 years ago that it was torn down? I seem to recall towards the mid 70's Brooklyn Union Gas was making use of the Barn and lot. I am trying to recall what year the big gas tank was taken down. I was home in Luna Park and heard a loud blast. I looked out the window to see the top of the tank going up in there air and then head down to the ground at the bottom of the tank and heard another loud boom when it hit bottom. The rest was demolished piece by piece.

I believe the large gas tank pictured was demolished in Nov. 1981. The loud bang you heard was the inner sub-roof that would move up and down as the gas volume changed inside. The contractor had to post warnings throughout buildings in the area and on lamposts reminding the public of the explosive sound this collapse might produce.
It was my city agency, Ports & Terminals-now defunct, that issued that permit. The large tank either joined or replaced two smaller ones about 1936.

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