Coney's Warehouse Avenue

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I've been doing some family history research, and found some relatives who lived at 2828 Warehouse Avenue (in 1910). When was Warehouse Avenue renamed West 22nd Street? Was there a reason this street was named Warehouse Ave?
- Gary Marcus

Hello Gary,

Warehouse Avenue was a shorefront road in Bath Beach that curved along Gravesend Bay to Coney Island Creek. The piers on the bay had warehouses for the fishing fleet that operated from that location. When Coney was subdivided, Warehouse Avenue was extended into Coney Island along the bed of what became West 22nd Street. The Warehouse Avenue name was used on West 22nd until around 1929. The Belt Parkway replaced Warehouse Avenue on the Bay in 1940.


I have also been doing some research and I have located family living at 2828 Warehouse Avenue in the 1910 Census (possibly the same relatives as Gary Marcus). On the 1920 Census, they are located at 2824 22nd Street. Is it possible they changed it as early as January 1920?

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