Culver Terminal and Great-Grandmother

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I have this old photo of my great grandmother and was told it was taken at Coney Island.  I’ve been looking to find what building is in the background of the photo. Is it the old Culver Terminal building?  Any insight on the approximate year the photo was taken? 
- Vincent Andreozzi

Hello Vincent,
Your great-grandmother is sitting on a bench in the Concourse, the little park beachfront park once  located at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Surf Avenue. The smaller building directly behind her is Lucy Venderveer's Hotel and the dome behind the hotel belongs to the Culver Terminal Building which I believe was built around 1905-1910. The trees in the background are in Seaside Park (now Asser Levy Park). The stone wall in background was part of the park that was demolished when Robert Moses moved the Boardwalk in 1940. Her beautiful hat and dress might date the photo to around 1910-1915?

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