Hubba Hubba Restaurant, Mermaid Theater, Yeshiva Sheri Zedek

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
My name is Debra. I grew up in Coney Island I'm hoping you have some pictures of the Hubba Hubba Restaurant. It was located on Mermaid Avenue. Maybe a photo of the Mermaid Theater, also located on Mermaid Avenue. Finally, a photo of the Yeshiva Sheri Zedek. The Yeshiva was located on Mermaid Avenue; off the corner of 23rd street. I lived at 2228 Mermaid Avenue. I was 8 years in old 1965. My father died that year. We moved out of Coney Island a year later. We lost all our photos when we moved. So many wonderful memories but no photos. I would appreciate any photos.
- Debra Daien Kassiotis

Hello Debra,

Sorry to hear of your loss. Here are some photographs from the past that will refresh your memory: The Mermaid Theater marquee and owners Sam and Estelle Horwitz posing in front; the Huba, and the Yeshiva.

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It brought a broad smile to my face, to see the photo of the Huba Huba Luncheonette. Lived in Coney Island from 1960 to 1964 or thereabouts. Frequented the Huba Huba's (and others) bottle cap cache to supply me for skelly (that fun sidwalk game). And the Horwitz'. I reconnected with Susan, their daughter, (my best friend in 4th and 5th grades, till I moved to Midwood area), over bagels a year + back now, in the Boston area. Looks the same! Thanks, Mr. Coney Island :-)

For years and years, I would think about huba huba luncheonette. I remember the song very well, as I also went to CYO. I used to think of this song in the shower almost weekly, I don’t know why. Out of left field I decided to Google it and I came up with this site. Thank you for having that photo and posting. I went to CYO in 1970-73.

My grandfather/grandmother and my father owned the Huba.....when my grandfather died in 1967 and then my grandmother in 69, my father sold the restaurant and began a 30 year career as a closer in real estate. Both my parents lived into their 90's, my father died a year ago October, my mom 4 months after him...........I have vivid memories of Sunday (the only day they closed) birthday parties, and when I was a mid teen, I worked in the summer at the front as cashier and making sodas, ice coffee, and such...........that's a wonderful photo.

We moved from Coney Island when I was in 5th grade. I attended the yeshiva through 4th grade. I still have a silver medal from winning 2nd place in a potato race, I think.

My father had a small jewelry store right next door to the Mermaid Theater. 2 movies I remember seeing there were "The 7 Little Foys"(1955) and "No Time for Sergeants"(1958).

My sister and I would eat lunch from time to time at the Huba Huba and Myers??? which were across the street.

We would buy/sell used comic books at the candy store. I think an ice cream cone was 10 cents and if you wanted sprinkles on top, you added 2 cents. ;)

Needless to say, these 3 photos encompass my childhood memories from living in Coney Island.

Too bad the photo of the Mermaid theater is not a view from the front. It would have been nice to see what my dad's store and the theater looked like from the street.

"The Young Philadelphians" (1960) [on the theater marquee in the photo] would have come out just before or after we moved.

Ah, memories!!!!

Debbie Raff

Seeing those pictures is priceless. To this day, the best hamburger and mashed. Sinrods (tuxedo) store was there also. My grandmother brought me to that jewelry store when I was seven. She bought me an amyethest ring (1960) that I’ve never taken off to this day. I vaguely remember your father.
Remember getting your card punched to get stuff at the movies. How could we sit through 2 movies and cartoons?

i lived on 28th, down from the hubba and went to the yeshiva 1957,58,59. then mark twain... great pics thanks..

hey charles , how are you it`s always a pleasure to see old photos of coney island.......

just in case its sammy ( edwin cosme ) brother in law

i grew up in coney too. i was 10 in 1960 and lived on w15 st. great memories and i almost forgot about the mermaid theatre.

Hey guys - What information do you have on Myers? I am doing a story on a Deli in Brooklyn and this man's father was the owner of myers from around 1930 until 1959.
I'd love to get some feedback

i remember passing by huba huba lunchenette on the way to cyo day camp there was a song about the lunchenette

I also went to shaare zedek in the mid sixties, I reconnected with one friend that also went there after 40+ years. My sisters olvia and erolina went there. I was there for 2, 3, 4, grade then we moved . i remember it like it was yesterday

I remember so much although I grew up in Beach Haven. I married a boy from Coney Island.

Any pictures of Johnny's pizza? 10 cents a slice.

Ron are you related to Judy and Marilyn Grabia from 29th st

I lived in coney Island myself and remember that bowl of rice pudding at 25 cents, the burgers and fries at the Huba Huba, my first horror movie across the street from my father's barber shop and the grocery stores where ice cream pops were 15 cents. now you need to take out a second mortgage just buy a hotdog at Nathans, and thats my memory of New York.

I was a good friend of Saul Grabia. Is he your brother?

I lived on W 28th st. I remember the Huba Huba. coffee and a roll every morning before bus to Lincoln High School. And I know the Mermaid!! movie theater.

Wow these pictures bring me way back.. I went to yeshivah Sharei Zedek from kindergarten to 5th grade .. I remember at recess this old man would come by with chick peas and would hand some out to us , and the good humor man would also pass by on a bike -pushcart , mmm toasted almond .. cant find it now . boy the good old days. thanks for the memories.

Went to CYO in the 70's - use to sneak out and go to HUBBA-HUBBA for giant Lifesaver Lollipops. The song was just screaming HUBBA HUBBA LUNCHEONETTE over and over as loud as you could

I went to the CYO in the early 70's & my dad was a cook at the Hubba Hubba

I was the little nerdy kid living at 2810 Mermaid Ave, then later in the Coney Island Project, then later in William O'Dwyer Apartments.
My mom (Mary) was the cashier at the Mermaid. The apartment was next door to the alley way of the Mermaid. Susan Horowitz and family lived on the corner. I had a crush until I was 13 for a beautiful girl who's dad was the owner of the Jewelry store.
Love to hear from anyone from the "old country"
David Katz

I also went to the Yeshiva from 1962-1966. Great memories!! The father of one of the girls in my graduating class owned a small jewelry store on Mermaid Ave around W.27th St. I remember these things so clearly and yet I can't remember what I had for breakfast !

happy bd soon
won't say how many but its been so long

Hey Edwin,
When did you live in Coney Island? I lived on Railroad Ave between W 29th and 30th. from 1945 to 1951. We used to have rock fights with the kids on W 28th.

Joe Burns

Hey Edwin,
When did you live in Coney Island? I lived on Railroad Ave between W 29th and 30th. from 1945 to 1951. We used to have rock fights with the kids on W 28th.


I lived on West 28th St. between Mermaid & railroad ave(not really an ave.) . I was a few houses away from the BooLee boo store, who made ice cream cones dipped in fudge & then in chocolate sprinkles.I also broke their neon sign via a loose bat playing stickball. There is a song out about Mermaid Av. written by Woody Guthrie & the Klematics ,Who also play Klezma music.Guthrie lived on Mermaid Av for four years. Love

My dad was a cook at the Hubba Hubba from the mid 60's to early 70's.We moved from Coney in 1976. It's good to see some photos from the old days. Does anyone have any photos of Tony's barbershop on Mermaid between 19th & 20th street? They were also family

Hi Mike,
I remember your dad from the Huba...he was a hard working guy. I lived in Coney until 1966, when we moved to Bensonhurst.
Ron Anders

What great memories. I lived in the projects just down the street on Surf Avenue and went to P.S. 288 until the teachers strike of 1968. We moved to Far Rockaway and then California.

Starting in my 2nd grade year I started walking to the Hubba for lunch every school day. My dad was good friends with Mr. Nissman the owner and many business owners on Mermaid. It was a very safe and wonderful place to grow up. I recollect a waitress named Shirley. Am I correct?

Also fondly remember Coopies Corner and the comic book racks.

I think I went to yeShiva share Zedek with Michael Hockman from 1955-1960. I ate at the hubba & johnnys pizzeria when I went to mark twain junior high. Shirley was the most wonderful waitress . I have been looking for the hamburger recipe from the hubba for years

How can anyone forget Sharei Zedek or the beautiful Tina Datz. I have a picture of you from our 5th grade class. I hope you and everyone associated with Sharei Zedek have been well all these years. Unfortunately, I have not been able to hook up with anyone from the 1962 or 1963 classes.

This is pretty amazing. I'm not sure why I chose to Google any of these names, but I did. I grew up at 2866 W. 28th Street, between Mermaid and Neptune. I was born in 1950 and lived there until I went to college. My parents then moved to Sea Gate and I lived there until my company moved me to New Jersey in 1977.

I ate at the Huba-Huba Luncheonette, I went to movies at the Mermaid Theater and attended Elementary School at that Yeshiva. Both my parents worked so I was a latch-key kid before they had a name for it. We had an account at the luncheonette so I went to dinner by myself, as long as I ordered a good meal.

Whenever I read people's comments about the old days I remember living the small town life in the big city. Everything was in walking or biking distance, plus there was public transportation if you had to go further.

Gee, I remember both Mark Colten and pretty Tina. Matter of fact Tina and I were in classes together at Sharei. Hope all of you have been well all these years

I lived in the Gravesend Projects until 1967. We moved out to Long Island. I went to OLS School on 17th street and was on the Dimes Baseball team and played in Kaiser Park. I remember Mermaid and Surf movies and the Bowling Alley on Surf Ave. Loved all my years in Coney Island. I used to Love Gitlers hero sandwiches and Hi and Arty's shakes. Used to have a sugar daddy at the Mermaid movies and it would last through 2 movies and cartoons for a nickle. I also got our rolls and begals from Edelmans grocery store and had Franco's in the neighborhood. Beach 2 blocks away and Rides at Coney were the best. Love to hear more stories as I have many more. I also enjoyed being the Surfsiders drum corp sponsored by the Jewish War Veterans. We practiced over the Loew's theatre across from Nathans. What fun we had.

went to Sharei Zedek from 4th thru 8th grade and its memories are with me today. Who could forget Rabbi Brun or Galinsky or Rose Mennen or Steven Caplan et al. What a great time and memories and lessons for a lifetime

Hi Elliot ... it certainly has been a long time... I hope all is well with you and your family ... do I DARE mention how many years ago we first became friends??

Although I usually went to the LOEWS or the RKO Tilyou on weekends, I occasionally went to the SURF or the MERMAID theaters. When I moved from Coney in 1972, the SURF had become a bowling alley and the Tilyou had closed. Currently there are no movie theaters there at all. Times change.

I trust you are the same Robert Weiss who went to Sharei Zedek and was a great classmate of mine and equally a great friend. Your mom was Annette and dad Charlie the war veteran. We were Dodger fans and loved playing street hockey. I hope you have been well all these years

Thanks for posting the photo of this old, now missing, synagogue and yeshiva! My great-grandparents Max and Hannah Lubinsky, owned the building at 2015 Mermaid Avenue. It's now a parking lot next to a funeral parlor. I spoke with my Dad's cousin the other day--he is 91-and he told me the name on the outside of the yeshiva read, "Seagate Sisterhood and Talmud Torah." This is more than likely correct, because at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, where they are buried, you enter under a metal awning that reads "Seagate Sisterhood Burial Society." Max died in 1939, and, I believe, Hannah died in the 1950s, but they and their 6 children spent the Depression together in that tenement. I presume the building was sold in the 1940s. I believe the building had a storefront on the ground floor. I grew up on Long Island--where else?--and, sadly, we had no contact with the family, but I did see the old shul around 1979. The policeman who was there told me they had to escort the old people to morning minyan, so I guess the neighborhood was pretty bad then. My great-grandparents were religious and very active in this synagogue. If anyone has any accurate recollections of Sharey Zedek, the yeshiva, the store in front of 2015 Mermaid, or the Lubinsky family, I would love to hear them! Thanks!

My dad was the black dish washer in the Hubba Hubba Restaurant, can anyone remember his name, moreover who was the cook for the Hubba Hubba? What is the meaning of Hubba Hubba?

I attended Sharei Tzedek (the real spelling, I believe) from 1946 or1947 through 4th Grade; after that, I switched to P.S. 80, near Our Lady of Solace church and Pat's Sporting Goods. Since WWII wasn't so many years before, I remember Rabbi Galinsky giving scary lectures about the Nazi atrocities...and warning us against Catholic attempts to convert us. There were maybe 8 students in the class: the ones I remember are Marilyn Zeff, Milton Cornfeld, Harold Lipschitz and red-headed Martin Sens. The dimly-lit classroom was almost identical to the one that Woody Allen depicted in the movie "Radio Days." Each class ate lunch together in the basement cafeteria, run by Mrs. Karish; the teacher also ate with us...and talking was not permitted. There was no gym, no music, just Hebrew and religion in the morning, and English studies in the afternoon. School ended at 4pm, except on Fridays. Man, those were grim years. Hey, does anyone remember that Rabbi Galinsky had a radio program every Sunday on WEVD, "the station that speaks your language." I heard that Galinsky's son took over years later. There were so few in the congregation that he moved--along with the congregation--to Israel. Can anyone confirm?

My family moved from 2213 Mermaid Avenue in 1951 or 1952. Yes, I remember the Mermaid Theater, but preferred Tilyou's and Loew's, on Surf Avenue. My father owned a Laundromat called Phil's Half-Hour Laundry...and owned 4 buildings between 22nd and 23rd Streets. On that block, you'd find Mirrer's Bakery, the Lakewood Dairy, Manufacturer's Hanover bank, Frank's Barber shop, Sol Factorman's Candy Store, Ben's greengrocer and Paul, the butcher.

I attended Yeshiva Sharei Tzedek from 1957 - 1961. I remember Mr. Ted Sochinsky for 4th nd 5th grades and Mrs. Buxbaum in 7th grade and Mrs. Mennen in 8th grade. Of course, I remember Rabbi Brun. I remember some of my classmates names, Miriam Karash, Elaine Vogel, Linda Solomon, Harriet Zaltzman (parents owned a butcher shop on 36th St., near Sea Gate), Rochelle Lapidus, Robert Gaynor, Stanley Grabia, Jacob Braunstein, Jacob Neubart, Joel Fleischer, Harriet Bandell, Belle Kleinplatz. I have been living in San Jose, California since 1976,

I went to Yeshiva shari Zedek from Kindergarten to 5th grade. I'd walk through the bad blocks from 29th street to the Yeshiva. It soon became a bodega, a real tragedy. As a child, I would have lunch at the Hubba Hubba daily: a hamburger and I loved their Cole slaw. I'd go in there just for that, whether I ate there or not. My Dad and Mom owned a combination Barber shop and Beauty parlor: Joe and Ann's, right across from the Mermaid Movie. I used to wash and wax the floors there on week ends for $5.00, not bad in the late 50's and early 60's.

I went to Yeshiva Shari Zedek from Mch 1959 to June 1964. I came to this country Mch 20th 1959 from Israel along with my brother Larry. We lived on Mermaid Ave next door to Levine's drug store which was on the corner of Mermaid ave & west 25th street. Gitler's was across the street (small grocery store) & Goody's candy store was on West 24th street. We'd walk to school every morning, 2 blocks away. My friends were Raphael waisman, David Jay , Gary Geist & Robert Rosenberg. My last teacher was Rabbi Scheinnerman. English teacher was Mrs. Frankel. Rabbi wachtel, Mrs Duetch & mrs Mennen were also my teachers, and of course how can you forget Rabbi Bruen. My mother was the manager @ Shatzkins Knishes on Surf Ave across the street from Nathan's. At that time a hot dog was .15 cents. Later on we moved to West 28th street. On the corner was the luncheonette called the Hubba Hubba... On weekends we'd go to Mermaid theater and see 2 movies & a cartoon for .25 cents, I think!. Or go to Steeplechase in Coney Island & buy a pass for 12 rides for $1.00. In the summer we'd wake up early, go out & play scully, stick ball, marbles, Johnny on the pony. So many things to do. Also Kiser park was right thereon Neptune ave half a block away. I went to Mark Twain J.H.S. later on....For lunch I'd have 2 square slices of pizza & a soda for .25 cents...I miss those days.

My father was a routeman for the Stuhmer Baking Co. I helped him in the summertime -the Hubba was our mid morning coffee stop.
In 1955, Jerry the owner said to my father -“Frankie, the new kid pitcher for the Dodgers is at the end of the counter” . My Dad gave Jerry his order pad. and In a flash it came back: “ To Charles, Best Wishes, Sandy Koufax “
I cherish it to this day 65 years later.
Charles Guariglia

Wow, that is a great story. I was just biggest fan in Coney Island in the 60’s, and everyone knew it. Stay well!

I have seen so many names I either was friends with or went to school with in Coney Island. I hope all of you have been well over the years. Please write me if you can. I particularly send warm greetings to Robert Weiss, Marc Colten, Tina Datz, and Saul and Ronnie Grain -whose parents I still remember so fondly.

Where was the big clock on mermaid Ave
Between what streets!

Hi everyone,
My name is Les Frimerman, I lived in Coney Island from 1943 to 1958. I attended Yeshiva Share Zedeck and Mark Twain. Lived on Surf Ave, 29th street, 30th street and Neptune Ave, like wherever my parents could afford the rent!

Wonderful memories of Huba Huba, Board walk, Bobsled, Thunderbolt, Tornado, Steeplechase, the Bowery, Cyclone, parachute jump and so many friends. I remember Freddie Weintraub, Barry Babich, Harold Feld, Julie Maiman, Jay Turoff, Paul Birnbaum, Gary Zwickerman, Kaplan Sisters, Michael Goodman, Stephen Schwartz, Michael Gilburd, Sheila Esposito, Butch Rothman, Stu Nathanson, Sazzoff Sisters, Eileen Smith, Reina Feller, Stew Feinstein,
Would love to hear from you.
Les Frimerman

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