Jewish War Veteran's Memorial Post

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Would you remember the Memorial Post which was on I think 17th street and Surf Ave. It was a newer building around 1962. We had a Drum Corp called the Surfsiders under their Sponsorship. We would have parades and compete against other Drum Corps. We would always have Nathans Catered after every event. We originally would practice opposite Nathans which was next to the Movie RKO theatre. We were upstairs where I learned to play in this Band. 1960 was the year.
- Coney Fan

 Hello Coney Fan,

Here is a photograph of the Jewish War Veteran's Memorial Post on Surf Avenue at West 19th Street. It is no longer standing.


Great to see the building I was talking about. Would love to contact anybody who remembers this site. One of the main people was a guy who owned the neptune cleaners called Du-Rite. thanks again for posting my note. I remember the entrance design was in Blue. It was a beautiful building. Tom Ednie a Kid from Coney Island.

Just saw this post. The JWV still meet in Coney Island. The chapter at one point operated out of what is now Temple Beth Abraham on Sea Breeze Avenue. I know several active members who I will ask about the Mermaid Avenue building. I will update you with whatever info I find.

Louie Putterman and family were owners of Du-Rite Cleaners

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