Joffee’s Candy

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I grew up in Coney Island, living on 28th St between Surf and Mermaid from my birth in 1955 to 1965 when my family moved to Queens. I have a distinct memory that no one else seems to share. I remember a basement workplace on the corner of 28th and Surf where candy apples were made. The red kind with the crunchy candy on the outside. We would look into the basement and see bushels of fresh mackintosh apples and trays and trays of the finished candy apples on trays lined with wax paper. We would buy a fresh candy apple directly from the "candy apple man" in the basement. Is their any validity to my memory?
- Scott

Hello Scott,

Coney Island’s West End was home to many small candy factories that supplied the amusement zone. You’re probably thinking of Joffee’s Candy on Surf at West 28th, although there was another on Surf at 21st run by a man named George (can’t recall his last name). The shop on West 28th made candy canes, Jelly Apples and ribbon candies. The workers who put the plastic tubes on the ribbons were called “tubers” and the ones who bent the hooks on the canes were known as “hookers(!)”

The candy factory on West 21st made jelly apples, Twirl Pops, and the famous PANGO Pop (named for the flavors: Pineapple, Apple, Nectarine, Grape, and Orange: PANGO!) There was also Tom’s Candy on Mermaid Avenue behind the A&P. John Dorman operated Phillips Candy in the old Stillwell Terminal but moved to Staten Island after being evicted when the new facility was built. His business is still thriving on that other island.

Other factories were the one in the old Child’s Restaurant building on the Boardwalk, known for making “Peeps,” the iconic yellow Easter treats. And of course there was Bonomo’s on West 8th Street next to the Mangels factory. Bonomo is gone but building is still there with the beautiful candy-themed mosaics on the façade. Williams Candy, owned by Pete Agrapides, located next door to Nathans is the last old-fashioned candy shop and has a window full of sweet treats including jelly apples.



Hi, when did these candy factories get started? Are there any beginning in 1904 or thereabouts?

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