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Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Could you post a map(s) that superimposes where Luna Park, Dreamland and Steeplechase Park were related to today's Coney Island structures? I'd love to see some maps showing where various Coney icons were relative to today, such as the main tower in Dreamland, etc.
- Rick Dauer

Hello Rick,

Here's a map from the book, "Coney Island: Lost and Found" that shows the location of the big parks. The Dreamland Tower was located on the site of the Boardwalk ramp to the Aquarium. Dreamland stretched from Surf Avenue to approximately halfway across the present beach; There was no boardwalk when Dreamland was in business.

The Iron Tower, built in 1878, was located adjacent to the site of the new Aquatic Animal Health Center. Many parts of old Dreamland still exist below grade. When the site was excavated a few years ago, the entire foundation of the Iron Tower was revealed, dismantled and carted off. The tower stood on a cribbing of brick and massive pine timbers which, when exposed, were still filled with sap and looked newly cut, perfectly preserved by salt water. The Coney Island History Project is locating and documenting many of these sites for the city, hoping to preserve historical artifacts when new development begins. Drop by our exhibit center this summer and you'll find a more detailed map on display. We're under the Cyclone.

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