Lots of Questions from Dennis Sulam

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
When was PS 80 demolished? and what is on that site? What happened to the Carvel stand near Washington Baths? Is the Carolina Italian restaurant still in business? What happened to the Aaron Bring Chevrolet dealership on Neptune Ave.? Many of the small business shops on Mermaid Ave. have been demolished. What replaced these commercial entities?
- Dennis Sulam

Hello Dennis,

Both P.S. 80 buildings were demolished around 1980 and were replaced with two-story attached homes built by Astella Development of Mermaid Avenue.

Carvel operated first on Surf Avenue at West 21st Street through the 1960s, and then moved east to Stillwell Avenue and then to Surf Avenue in the Popper Building before closing several years ago.

Carolina was in business through the 1980s before being sold to a new owner who ran it into the ground. A chinese buffet now operates in the old building. The family that ran Carolina now operates the popular Fiorentino Restaurant on Avenue U at McDonald Avenue.

The Chevy dealership closed years ago. Their warehouse near Surf Avenue survived until the 1980s and then was demolished.

Most of the small businesses on Mermaid were replaced by Astella housing with retail on the ground floor. Only a few shops remain from the old days, the most famous is the butcher shop Major Meats at West 15th Street. Jimmy Prince has been at Major's since 1949 and has transformed the store's windows into a Coney Island exhibit.



Again, I am impressed by your knowledge of Coney Island history. I have only fond memories of the
wonderous place and you vast recall of facts bolsters that memory. Thanks

What wonderful memories your site brings back! I've often wondered what happened to Carolina Italian Restaurant (the BEST Italian food!). I had many great meals there in the late 30s, early 40s.
I'm happy to hear that the family is still in business!

What I really miss is Amattos Deli on Mermaid between Stillwell and W 15th. They had the greatest hero sandwiches I ever had. Pat and his son Dennis were running the place but they closed it down because the land lord which was Gargullos wanted to double the rent. It was bought out by an asian family and tried to run it as a fish store/grocery and deli. They kept on one of the former deli workers to make the sandwiches but they were not the same. No more wood floors with sawdust on them.

Hi! Pat Amato was my father-in-law. I married his youngest son, Michael. His older brother Jay was there from HS until they closed up. Dennis worked there however, he was not related to the family. Michael grew up there doing prep work and made mozzarella deliveries to Carolina's. He has lots of wonderful memories from Coney Island. We stopped there over July 4th and went on some rides and got Nathan's. We'd love to hear others memories & stories from when you got food at Amato's including the famous Belly Whopper.

Dear Charles,
It was nice to see my mother's restaurant (Carolina) on your website, but surprised to see your
comment associating Fiorentino's in the same breathe ----knowing the story of what occurred.
Hope you are well.


Larry Eason the owner of Carvel is now retired in St Cloud Florida

I worked there for several months in 1973 with Larry. What a busy, busy store. Right underneath the train station on Stillwell Ave across from Nathan's and the beach. High school days.

I remember carolinas restaurant my mother and i ate there several times. i think i also remember amattos deli but i thought it was on neptune they had great coldcuts. i lived in one of the bungalows on w. 36th and mermaid ave. was very sad to see that they rerouted that whole area, but i guess a lot of things have changed. moved to coney island after my father died in '58, and the bungalow was all my mom could afford for us, but i still have fond memories of coney island. my little brother joe and i would go to the beach every day in the summer, because we lived right down the block.
there was a small sandwich shop, right before the beach, i think it was mary's. i've lost contact with so many of my friends from coney that i used to attend mark twain junior high with. francine beger, rochelle tuber, carmen rosario, ida torres. wouldn't know their married names of course. if anyone knows any of these people would you please let me know? thank you.
patricia wayson nee de angelis

I worked (1978-1980) at the Carvel Store at 1220 Surf Ave opened in 1978 and owned by the aforementioned Larry Eason....Larry was a great entrepreneur...
(Larry what books were you reading??? "Think and Grow Rich"?
Larry also owned the Carvel on Surf & 21st st and the one on Stillwell Ave (near Surf ave) which burned in a fire in 1978 or 79....
If Larry or anyone else who worked there in those years sees this drop me a hello

I’m in S. Florida last I’ve seen of Larry was on Northlake Blvd. palm beach county He owned a pawn shop East of I 95

Need to know the name of this restaurant as I think my classmate from "OLS' worked there. Willie Louie

I remember Gitlers. Down the block from March21, junior high school back in the 70s early 70s they made sandwiches. The bread was fantastic.. Italian bread I used to buy a box of scooter pies and share it for dessert

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