Magic Carpet Ride and Dragon Cave

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Can you please tell me who ran the Magic Carpet Ride in Coney Island. Also where did the fat laughing lady Minnie Ha Ha come from. Where was she made. Are there some oictures of her that I can purchase? What about her voice? I am also interested in pictures of the dragons cave and the donkey game next to the Magic Carpet Ride. What information can you give me on the man that painted the inside of Playland. I remember the beautiful pictures painted on the walls as well as all over.
- Sal

Hello Sal,

Here's a photo of the Magic Carpet Fun House on the Bowery at West 15th Street. The attraction was run by Edie and Seymour Maxim who also operated the Donkey Game next door. The last version of the robotic laughing lady was actually a German-made laughing male figure in drag. The Coney Island History Project is planning an exhibition of work by the artist who painted the Playland murals. Keep checking our web site for more information.



I remember the last "slide" to that ride was the magic carpet, correct? you had to go into a dark booth with a long bench made out of metal rollers that all of a sudden straightened out into a sheet of rollers and your feet pushed through 2 swinging doors onto the magic carpet! - is this the ride??

Hey Sal, I also was anxious to see a picture of Minnie, I was like 6 years old when my dad told me in Spanish “look look , Elsie “ pointing at her .. I was so scared especially thst laughter, anyway if you go to you tube abs type Coney Island 1976.. a bunch of videos pop up but look fir the one that says Coney Island 1976, she’s in it!!! For years I’ve been looking to see if she was somewhere in internet.. and finally someone posted one.. she’s toward the end of the video.. check it out.. if you wanted to see her..

ride with dragon head was owned by my fathers cousins.

ride with dragon's head was owned by my fathers cousins.

the laughing lady was in the dragon' ride

Hey Guys, thanks so much for the pictures... :-) , I grew up at the magic carpet and eventually married Edith's daughth Liz. If only we could turn back the clock. I live on West 16th Street between Mermaid and Neptune avenues. So many GREAT memories.

That laughing lady gave me nightmares! I loved Coney Island, but I dreaded walking past her with her gelatinous belly jiggling as she guffawed! I would live to see a photo, or better yet, a video of her.

I used to work for Sporty when he owned the Dragon's Cave. It was genuinely haunted

Hi, Everybody. The fat, jiggly, hysterically laughing Lady was at the Funhouse, and the equally hysterically cackling Witch was in the Dragon's Cave. I remember the Dragon's head moved side to side, emitting a little steam from its mouth or nostrils. The Dragon's Cave scared the bejesus out of me :)

Is there a copy of that laugh tape still in existence? I’d like to sample it for a recording

Hi, I tried looking myself because I also remembered her, I was really little, anyway if you go on YouTube these one called laughing sal from lakeside, it has the same laughter but I don’t think it’s the same one Coney Island had, im sure u can find the whole laughing version somewhere on YouTube.

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