The Norton's Point Trolley Ramp

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I lived in Gravesend Brooklyn for many years.  I am 56, I spend lotta time in Coney Island as a kid, I have a lot of questions, but I'll just ask one now, about what year did they demolish the nortons point, trolley ramp? My grandfather used to take me to this little luncheonette on Stillwell Ave, right next to the theater, I seem to remember the ramp but maybe not.  Thanks!
- Coney Fan

Hello Coney Fan,

The Norton's Point trolley service ended in November of 1948 and was demolished soon after.

Pictured: trolley ramp over West 15th Street next door to Gargiulo's Restaurant.and on Stillwell Avenue next to the deli.



Anymore photos of the trollies at Coney? I work over there on the subways and would like to see more old time photos!

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