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Dear Mr. Coney Island...
My parents who were born in 1911 grew up in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn and spent a lot of summer days at Coney Island. I just found a great photo album of my mother's and am curious about a few pictures. I am not sure, but am thinking they are all taken at Coney Island. I am wondering where they were taken, esp. img 136 which is of my uncle in front of what looked like bath cabins with a #44 on the top. The photo that is identified as img065 indicates that one is taken near "Ocean Tide Baths." Is there any info you could provide about those particular baths? THANK YOU so much for what you do! I greatly appreciate being able to ask you these questions as part of my ongoing genealogy search.
- Anne Merritt

Hello Anne,

Most of your photos were taken prior to 1920 at Heney and McCotters Ocean Tide Baths, located at West 35th Street and Surf Avenue at the West End of Coney Island. Ocean Tide had a private boardwalk and was one of the bathhouse bungalow colonies that sprang up along the beach in the late 1890s. Next door was Jefferson Baths, Sea Gate Villa, and Carlton Court. Some of these businesses operated into the 1970s. They were summer bungalows, rented for the season, but also had lockers for beach-goers that could be rented on a daily basis.

The area around 35th Street was heavily Irish and had a number of great bars and restaurants. I'll post more info later. I'm including a 1918 photo of Ocean Tide.

Hope this helps.

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west 36st across from marie's sandwitch shop......ps i lived on surf & 36st-----in the 50's

ocean tide was on w.36st. across from marie's sandwitch shop.

Mr. Coney Island,

My father, also from Park Slope and of Irish heritage would frequent Ocean Tide Baths. Anne, my grandfather would have been around the same age as your parents. Evidently, Ocean Tide was a popular destination for families who lived in the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace area of Brooklyn. My father recalls a place called Mc Mahon's Bar and still raves about the legendary sandwiches at Mary's Sandwich Shop which was located across from Ocean Tide. I would love to get my hands on some pictures from that time period. Interesting post.

Michael Quinn

I used to go to Ocean Tide Bath in the late 50's to early 60's. It was great, you had the choice of the beach or the Saltwater pool. When we got Hungry we all went to Mary's sandwich shop across the street for a Hero and a quart of choclate milk.

I went to Oceantide as a young teenager in the late 50's early 60's. Mary made the best heros anywhere. We all had season bath houses and loved the small dance floor. It was a haven for kids from all the parochial schools in Brooklyn! Loved it, great memories!

I am trying to find the name of a bar that ends in "shes" that would have been around in 1917-1922. Thanks!

hi - my dad is going to be 90 years old (Jim and Betty Quigley) and both are still alive and in good health. I remember being a kid and my parents dressing up for a costume party - my dad in a blue satin dress and my mom a bum! I remember playing house in the locker rooms - which were outdoors if i recollect - I remember Don the life guard - I remember Marys - what a place - the best pepper and egg heros - that my mom would get - we had the old p&j or bologna. We are having a party in October so if anyone else has any memories - please email me with them. I want to relive their youth with them - I was the oldest so I remember them as young parents !

I also went to Ocean tide pool for 3 years 1957 to 1959 . The Quigleys were so much a part of everyone that was there in those years. It was more or less a neighborhood retreat. I hung out with a Vanderbilt Street gang of kids and had the most wonderful summers at this pool. Mary's place was out of this world with her delicious hero sandwiches. The pool was a salt water pool and my friends and I would rent out a double locker for the whole summer. We had the dance floor with the juke box playing the latest rock and roll hits. We would dance with the girls from the crowd. We had access to the beach which was bay 22. So many nice people and so many wonderful memories of this amazing place. I remember Jim and Betty Quigley . I think they lived on East 3rd Street . there was also Margie and Bill Eyback . That lived on the corner of East Third and Greenwood. I lived in the big red corner house where the Finks lived. Anybody remember them . We lived on the second floor and my aunt and uncle lived in the 3rd floor. Great neighborhood with great people. Thanks for the memories Oceantide.

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