Parkway Baths

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
When I was growing in a small town near the Pocono Mts. in Pa., all of my summers were spent with my cousins and aunt & uncle who had the Parkway Baths on the boardwalk. Not many of the family left and no body has any pictures of the bath house. The ones I had were lost during the flood of 72 (hurricane agnes). Where can I locate some pictures. I am retired now and spending my golden years in South Florida and often recall all of the wonderful summers with my cousins and my Aunt Irene and Uncle Jack Miner. Please advise. THANK YOU!
- Richard Velevas

Hello Richard,

Here are some images to replace what was lost in the hurricane! 



I think i went to this bath house as a kid in 1954. When was it exactly, went did it close?

I’ve got a photo from about them same time. I’m happy to send a copy for the collection if someone lets me know.

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