The Space Orbit

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
What do you know of this ride? It stood next to the Astrotower. It was a 16 passenger diesel hydraulic very powerful ride thad had several serious accidents, once a carload of riders broke free and was thrown into West 12 street next to the Cyclone. Eventually it was dismantled. Any ideas or pics? Thanks.
- Mike

Hello Mike, The Space Orbit was an independent ride in Astroland operated by Wally Roberts for one season in 1964. It closed soon after an unfortunate accident injured several riders.


If this is the same ride mentioned in this news archive article, then accident occurred July 20, 1968 and ride did not close in 1964.

There was also one at San Juan/Russell's Point Amusement parks at Indian Lake, Ohio. It was there about 1966/67 and I rode it around that time. It was the most frightening event I ever had at an amusement park. The ride was manually operated with an array of levels. When you got in the car, you were strapped in with a log chain -- literally, a log chain. One into the ride, the operator would control the direction and speed of the ride. A buddy and I rode it. I ended up bruised and he was bloody after we got off. Just before we got on, the operator ran the car into the leg of the ride, head on. Another buddy of mine rode it after we did and made the mistake of asking the operator "Does thing thing do anything?" It was a ride he will never, ever forget. The following year, the ride was gone. I asked what had happened to it and was told by a worker at the park that the ride had been banned. I've been trying to find the history of the ride every since. If anyone knows about it, please let me know.

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