Sunny Boy

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Fudgy wudgy, hot knishes, ice cold orange drinks....what was the name of THAT orange drink ???
- Donald Russo

Dear Donald,

Sunny Boy was the name! It came in little waxed-paper containers. The distributor was located on West 36th Street and Neptune Avenue.


Photo probably from mid to late 1950's. Box reads "Good Humor" for 15 cents and the "Humorette" says 12 cents or maybe 10 cents!, and no sign of Luna Park and Trump Villages high rises. Smokestack from Feltman's is there too,--- hey no bikinis seen either!
Humorette was orange ices covering vanilla ice cream. Good Humor was just the standard popstick ice cream in multiple flavors like vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, toasted almond or cocoanut.

Responding to Donald's inquiry, the guys walking down the beach selling knishes would be barking out 'Orangeade'. Sure wish I had a potato knish and an orangeade now.

I was shopping at a BJ's on L.I. and met a guy giving out samples of food. We got to talking and he told me he grew up in Sea Gate and that his father was the Sunny Boy source.

yup, you probably met my uncle jerry cohen. my granddad irving cohen manufactured and distributed the sunny boy drinks- orange, grape and pink lemonade

yes and also those venders on beach sold those sunkist , fruit bars , i think they came in orange and lemon.

omg how wonderful is this , hey sunny boy !!! was the cry on bay 13 or 14 summer of 1959 , 1960, the one and only thing i can say thats better these days is that , back then the beach was strewned with garbage , back then you could eat on the beach , and people just threw their trash , on the sand , old sandwitches, cigarette, butts , but it still was great , thanks

That distributor was my grandfather, Sam Blum, who owned and ran Coney Island Dairy

Where was Palumbo bros. Fruit store located? What was the owners first name?

"Sonny Boy, Sonny Boy
two for a nickel, boy oh boy
Each soft pack makes one (great?)
full fruit flavor in a wink
Sonny Boy, Sonny Boy
You'll love that taste and Ohhhhh
Giddy yap giddy yap giddy yap
Goooo...get Sonny Boy!"

That's the lyrics I remember from Bellflower Ca back in the Summer of 1960.

His name was Sonny Palumbo. Previous owners were john Palumbo and Joseph Maiorino, and before that the family patriarch, Al Palumbo, my grand father. It was at 3527 Neptune and was a victim of urban renewal, replaced by low income publicly funded housing

Waxed container shaped almost like a small megaphone. Do remember a metal rim on the spout.

The factory for Sunny Boy was across the street from my house. Once in a while a delivery was made there of the syrup they used to make the drink and occasionally it would spill out onto the the street. It was hot summer and that syrup was very sticky and our stick ball games slowed down to a crawl. Fun times.

I remember when the Suuny Boy syrup would spill down West 36 th Street. What a stench in the Summer. I can still smell it

I could be wrong but I always remembered the name as Sunny Boy. The container was like a cylinder but larger at the bottom and smaller at the top. With a metal rim which really added to the taste (probably lead). Delicious! Amazing there's not a photo of one somewhere. On the beach in Coney Island or Brighton. Some people remember it as Sun Dew.

Sunny Boy had an amazing grape ade drink as well. Packaged in those same small megaphone style wax containers. Of course these were of a purple color. The Orange drink was awesome with a knish. What great days. !!

I was born on mermaid ave and 21st in '55, I remember all this especially that drink.

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