Waffle Shop on the Boardwalk

Dear Mr. Coney Island...

I grew up in Brooklyn during the forties and fifties.  My folks would take me to Coney Island many times.  It was always fabulous!
There was a waffle shop on the boardwalk for many years.  The waffles were an oval shape but stretched out to be able to hold three balls of ice cream.  The waffle irons were unique.  They were curved so that when the waffle was being made the waffle would have two identical oval sides connected by a batter strip built into the iron itself. I have never seen anything like them since then. The man running the shop had a dozen or so of these waffle irons right at the counter.  He'd keep making the waffles and when done he'd ask the customer what flavors of ice cream they would want in the waffle.  They could have three scoops of either one, two or three flavors; vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  The scoops nestled inside the waffle and then he folded over the top part of the waffle to enclose the three ice cream balls inside.  I believe a waffle with ice cream was fifteen cents.  I have never forgotten the taste of that particular waffle and ice cream.
I was wondering if there is anything historically registered about that shop or any other people's memories of this particular vendor?
Thank you,
- Coney Fan

Hello Coney Fan,
That waffle shop was Maxie’s Waffles located on the Boardwalk at West 15th Street inside the Sodamat building.
 “Three Scoops for a Quarter!” The store burned down in 1974.

Maxies Waffles

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