Washington Baths

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Do you have photos of Washington baths?
- EG

Hello EG,

Here are some photos of Washington Baths during its heyday in the 1930s.

It was located between the Boardwalk and Surf Avenue at West 21st Street. The Washington Baths Annex (also known as the "Pink Palace") was a block away at West 22nd Street.



The ocean currents out there in Coney Island, NY are not bad for people to jump into. Washington Baths is an area where people like dive into the water of the ocean?? Yes, the waters out there funny enough are not bad.

The ocean there is a bit rough and can be. I was out there by the apartments out there by the ConeY island Boardwalk and once like saw the rough currents out there. Personally, the currents are a bit better out there in Orient Point, NY in Southold, NY out there. Yes. better currents out there. Funny enogh, with Portugal being like 3,000 miles EAST of Orient Point, NY as Montauk Yacht Club told me, the currents out there can be like sort of Medittereanean. Yes, some stuff that washed on the beaches of Portugal on the other side sort of landed on this side too once.

But the ocean is much rougher there in ConeY Island than like Orient Point, NY. I assume Staten Island and its coast may be rough too but the water can be so fine if you go out to Orient Point, NY.

Yes, it is not a bad area to dive in out there from Coney Island into the ocean there.

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