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Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I grew up in Coney and I remember there was a carousel not in the amusement district. It was located on the boardwalk about West 27th Street. The last thing that was there as I remember were handball courts. I want to see a picture and possibly know the name of that carousel. All I remember that it was in a tin shed (that is what I remember as a child) and that when you walked inside there was a concession stand on the left selling goodies etc.  Thank you.   PS: I was born in 1945 so the carousel I imagine was there when we use to go see the fireworks on Tuesday night. Also I very much miss Larry & Vinnies pizza. It was the best.
- Marilyn Bologna

Hello Marilyn,

The carousel was part of Weber's Baths on West 27th Street near the Half Moon Hotel. Few people remember that the amusement district stretched that far down the Boardwalk. It was known as the "Chafatino Carousel," carved by Illions, and named after the family that owned it when it was on Surf Avenue at West 5th Street before being moved to Weber's in 1932. It operated inside a beautiful glass pavilion until 1957 when it was relocated to Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

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Thank you so very much for this information on the Illions Carousel that I have been inquiring about recently.I did not know it went to Webers Baths till I just read it here.Are there any photographs of the carousel in Coney Island in either of the buildings ? It was a great carousel and a shame that they had to break it up.I read that one of the horses appreciated in value and it was worth more than the carousel itself and that contributed to its demise in 1989.

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Thank you so much for this info. I grew up on 27th Street in Coney and my parents would take me to ride it often. It is a precious childhood memory. If anyone has a picture of the actual carousel, please let me know!

I have a few photos of this carousel @ Chafatino's & several of it in Seaside Heights NJ if you're interested.Please email me.


Remember the Sun deck next to the Carousel. It was owned or manage by a very nice man with a handicap----Remember Sam's

I'm a member of the National Carousel Association and would love to see photos of the carousel at it's two previous homes.

Hi, I was born and lived right behind the carousel at 12 Weber Walk. Being so close to the beach, a short walk, my mom's house was the place to be during the summer. Family would visit on weekends and we'd walk out onto Bay 18 for a day of fun on the beach. We were eventually forced to move when the city decided that all the homes along Weber's Walk should be leveled and a parking lot put up in its place. My mom, and all her siblings, were born in Coney Island and lived on Stillwell Ave between Mermaid and Neptune Avenues. Great memories from my youth.

I grew up on w.30street, lived there 1935-1955, and delighted in riding this carousel, throughout my childhood.

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