When the Wonder Wheel was new

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I was wondering if you could confirm if that is indeed the wonder wheel in the upper left hand corner....if it is the wonder wheel then it must be close to brand new since this is a picture of my uncles and they were born in the 1920's or so. Also i am wondering if the construction to the right is the boardwalk....any idea where this could have been taken???? Thanks!
- Patty

Hello Patty,

Yes, that is the Wonder Wheel. The picture is looking north from the beach at Jones Walk next to Feltmans (the Feltmans powerhouse chimney is in the background.) Peterson's Bathhouse is on the right and Ward's Bathhouse is at left. The Wheel opened in 1920 so this photograph was taken when it was a new attraction.


Thanks so much for this site.
The photos and information are priceless!

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