Trolley (Brooklyn & Queens Transit 2534) on Sea Gate line

Trolley (Brooklyn & Queens Transit 2534) on Sea Gate line (Surf Avenue) passing Luna Park. The Kisters building is also visible.

"For nearly a hundred years, the Kister Building served as Coney's 'clubhouse.' In 1895, Fred Kister bought a small lot on the north side of Surf Avenue in front of the Sea Beach Palace and opened a carousel shed. The following year, he expanded and added a three-story building next door to the carousel. Kister's restaurant occupied the two lower floors of the frame structure, and the third floor became apartments. In 1903, when Thompson and Dundy opened Luna Park, the pair put the main entrance alongside the Kister Building, making it one of the best-known locations in Coney Island."
(from: Coney Island: Lost and Found, by Charles Denson)