Giulia Hjort

Giulia Hjort is a 2019 graduate of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY where she reported on local identity and culture.  She was born in Rome, but grew up mostly in the outskirts of D.C., which piqued her curiosity about how people maneuver identities in flux - cultural or otherwise. Giulia originally moved to New York for a job as a bilingual intake interviewer with an alternative to incarceration project, where she advocated on behalf of incarcerated youth.  She recorded interviews for the Coney Island History Project in 2018-2019 and is currently a podcast producer with Lemonada Media.


Collector of 1950's and '60s memorabilia whose Bensonhurst home is known as the Statue House
Steve Campanella is the owner of what's known as "The Bensonhurst Statue House" on 85th Street in Brooklyn.  The private home is locally famous for his collection of "life size personalities" outside as well as collectibles inside the home and...
Silvana, Adrianne and Silverio Conte, owners of 51-year-old SAS Italian Records in Bensonhurst
When Ciro Conte founded Bensonhurst's SAS Italian Records in 1967, he named it after his children: Silvana, Adrianne and Silverio Conte. Fifty-one years later, the siblings share vivid memories of growing up in the store, which they still operate...