Xiaoyan Li

Xiaoyan Li is a 2017 graduate of Columbia University’s Oral History Master of Arts Program. For her thesis project, she produced a documentary film based on videotaped interviews with former Kuomintang soldiers in New York and their families.  Xiaoyan currently works as an editor and project manager at Cui Yongyuan Center for Oral History at Beijing’s Communication University of China and has a B.A. in Journalism from Jilin University, College of Arts.


Resident of senior housing in Coney Island was born in Shanghai and survived the Cultural Revolution
This interview was conducted and recorded in Mandarin Chinese. Read Xiaoyan Li's transcript and translation below. 本采访以国语进行并记录下来。以下请阅读李笑岩的笔录和翻译。 Anthony Wang, a resident of senior housing in Coney Island's West End, was born in 1947 into a wealthy...