Bobsled Ride

Coney Island amusement district, looking west from the AstroTower. Stauch's Baths and the Wonder Wheel can be seen on the left. The Tornado and Thunderbolt roller coasters are visible as is the Bobsled ride and the Abe Stark Skating Rink.
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Lived in Coney Island during the 50's
In the 1950s, Gene and his older brother lived in Coney Island. Gene has vivid memories of Steeplechase Park, the Wonder Wheel and his favorite ride, the Bobsled. He recalls his brother selling Good Humor ice cream on the beach, charging double or...
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Roller coaster aficionado
Bobby talks about being a young "urban explorer" in the 70's when Coney Island was "dirty and scary and rough" but still alluring. He remembers many of the attractions that no longer exist in Coney Island such as the bobsled...
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