Luna Park (2010 -

An actor's memories of growing up in Sea Rise apartments and a souvenir of the Wonder Wheel
Born in Brooklyn in 1988, Emmanuel Elpenord is an actor who grew up in the Sea Rise apartments in Coney Island's West End. He describes the unique design of the high rise building, where he played games with boys from his floor on the terrace...
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Visiting scholar whose research interests include theme park studies
A professor of American Studies at the University of Mainz in Germany, Florian Freitag recently spent a year as a visiting scholar at the New York City College of Technology. Officially here to do research on 19th-century magazines, his other main...
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Luna Park pinwheel
Pinwheel about to be installed on the entrance to the new Luna Park, May, 2010.
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This piece is part of a NY1 series called Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn from 2010. It includes an interview with historian Kevin Baker and brief comments by Natalie Milbrodt of the Coney Island History Project's Oral History Archive.
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Began his career as a sign painter in Coney Island
John Rea is currently an advertising professional and adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, but he began his career as a young teenager working for his father, also John Rea, in the Peluso Machine and Iron Works shop in Coney...
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Fan of the new Luna Park
Mi Won has been visiting Coney Island since her parents brought her as a little girl in the 1970's. Today, she is a teacher in Queens who enjoys amusement rides as much as her students do. She and her sister paid their first visit to the new...
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