Neptune Diving Bells

Memories of working at Astroland's Neptune Diving Bells in the summer of 1964
Patrick Phillips recalls the summer of 1964, when he was a college student from Florida spending his summer working at Astroland's Neptune Diving Bells for his father's friend, Robert Coffey.  He describes his job maintaining the complicated...
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The Neptune Diving Bells was an early addition to the Astroland amusement park. Each of the two diving bells, situated in a 50,000 gallon tank, could carry 15 passengers to a depth of 30 feet where fish and two 500 pound porpoises could be observed...
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Roller coaster aficionado
Bobby talks about being a young "urban explorer" in the 70's when Coney Island was "dirty and scary and rough" but still alluring. He remembers many of the attractions that no longer exist in Coney Island such as the bobsled...
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