West 12th Street

Coney Island native and longtime independent game operator on Jones Walk
Monica Ghee is a Coney Island native who has operated games at various locations in the amusement district on and off for the past 52 years.  She recalls some of the games she has worked in the past, including the dime pitch, glass pitch, goldfish...
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Artist whose watercolors of the Astroland Rocket and Wonder Wheel sign are emblematic of Coney Island
Watercolor artist Frederick Brosen is a native New Yorker whose boyhood memories include Steeplechase's revolving barrel at the park's entrance, wooden slide, and horse race ride.  As a father, he rediscovered the joy of Coney Island through a...
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Great-grandson of adventurer Paul Boyton, who built Coney Island's Sea Lion Park in 1895
What better place than Coney Island for a man who floated down the Amazon River in a rubber suit and was the first to swim the English Channel. Adventurer Paul Boyton opened Coney Island’s first enclosed amusement park in 1895. Sea Lion Park, built...
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