Family Hotel

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
My grandparents, Adam and Caroline Trueson, had a restaurant in Coney Island on Surf Avenue around 1900. Several people in my family have a photo of it, which my late Father gave them. I'm trying to place it. One family member placed it near the entrance to Luna Park Recently, another relative told me it was across from Steeplechase because she remembers the horses. I'm told my grandfather owned several properties in Coney Island. I have two addresses from forclosure announcements from the NYT archive. (He lost them in the 30s.) My photo isn't great. It says, Lackawanna Hotel on it. I don't know the name of the restaurant (it may have been a bar or a beer garden, etc.) It may have been Caroline's or Trueson's but I can't be sure.
- Barbara Trueson

Hello Barbara,

Your grandparents' restaurant was located on the north side of Surf Avenue between 15th and 16th Street directly opposite Steeplechase Park. It is circled in the photo I've provided. If you compare this 1920s image to the one you have from the 1890s you'll see that it's the same building, slightly altered on the ground level. Hope this helps.

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