Galveston and Johnstown Flood attractions

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
I was wondering where the were located? I had done some research & have been finding conflicting information on the internet stating that both attractions were located at what is now KeySpan Park on Surf Ave & W.17th Street. I then found a map from 1906 and it looks like the Johnstown Flood was located there and the Galveston Flood was located somewhere in the vicinity of Surf Ave & W.10th Street. If you have any information on this, it would be appreciated. Thank you!
- Scott Lothrop

Hello Scott,

The Johnstown Flood (also known as The Deluge) was located on the North side of Surf Avenue on the corner of West 17th Street, later the site of the RKO Tilyou Theater. The Galveston Flood exhibit was on the South side of Surf Avenue at West 5th Street, between Dreamland and Chamber's Drug Store.




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