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Dear Mr. Coney Island...
Hi I remember as a pre-teen in the early 70's a large yellow slide ride next to the parachute ride.  It was already closed when we as kids discovered it but found a hole in the fence and with a piece of rug slid down this slide all day long.  Would you have any pics of the slide with the parachute ride in it?  I also remember a piece of plywood being removed from the base of the parachute ride and going into the platform finding very old tickets which my younger brother doesn't believe we did.  Would you have any pics of the parachute ride during the early 70's?  I remember thick cables attached to the tower that might have been attached to keep it stable.  Thank you.
- Jeanett Russo

Hello Jeanett,

You remember correctly. Here's a photograph of the abandoned slide next to the Parachute Jump taken around 1971.

The cables were hanging loose from the top and swinging in the wind. It was easy to get into the parachute base through the open door, and, yes, there were piles of old tickets on the floor. There was also an old safe and some burned silk parachutes.

Hope this answers your question.


I walked through CI today and passing the parachute ride still remembering that day we went into the base. It was 40 years ago but remember it like it was yesterday. What a fun day that was! I wish I had those tickets now or how about a silk parachute, what a great artifact that would be now but who knew at 12 years old what a treasure that was

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