Stubbmann Carousel

Dear Mr. Coney Island...
My Dad would bring me down to Coney to around where the aquarium is today. He would put me on the carousel, then sit in an adjacent bar & drink beer while I rode round & round happily for hours. I could see him & he could see me. We'd wave to each other. Here too, I think there was a "Helen Hotel" upstairs. The carousel, bar & hotel was in one building. Again, the late 40's.
- Judy Brown

Hello Judy,

You were riding on the Stubbmann Carousel at West 6th Street and Surf Avenue. The adjoining hotel where your father was enjoying libations was called the Hotel Eleanor. The Stubbmann Carousel was manufactured one block away by Mangels and Illions. The Carousel building and hotel were demolished in the 1950s to make room for the aquarium. The Stubbman's and Feltman's Carousels were later combined into one and installed at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair in Queens. Here are photos of the Stubbman's Pavilion and the hotel to refresh your memory.




Hi! I'm Tiffany Stubbmann. My grandmother (Catherine Stubbmann) used to share stories about our family business. Do you have any other photos of the Hotel, Beer Garden, Carousel?

My family line--Catherine Stubbmann is my paternal grandmother, her husband was Henry Stubbmann. My great grandfather's name was Henry Stubbmann as well.

I’m curious to know if the beer served in the hotel Eleanor served a Stubbmann brew or other beer only?

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