Angela Kravtchenko

Architect who is a Coney Island resident and a community activist

Angela Kravtchenko is an architect, a resident of Coney Island, a community activist, and a new member of Community Board 13. She describes how she and her family chose to live in Coney Island after emigrating from Ukraine in the 1990s and living in various New York City neighborhoods. Kravtchenko's activism started when she began organizing events for children in Brightwater Towers, where she lives, and bonded with her neighbors. Her next community project involved reseach on acoustics and the noise code for the “Stop the Noise Initiative" to stop the screeching brakes of the trains at West 8th Street subway station. The group's efforts resulted in a bill introduced by Assemblymember Mathylde Frontus and signed by Governor Hochul in 2021 that forces the MTA to permanently decrease subway noise for all New Yorkers. "Our advocacy worked," says Kravtchenko. "But not only that, the same group of people who were helping me is now starting to look to different things. Asser Levy Park is a seaside park across from the Aquarium. So we formed the Friends of Asser Levy."