Harold Kramer

Relatives lived under the Thunderbolt

Harold Kramer
Interview Date:
May 30, 2010


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Harold Kramer's great aunt and uncle, Molly and George Moran, owned the Thunderbolt roller coaster and lived in the house under its tracks. Harold remembers Molly and George just laughing when the coaster shook their house since it was "money in the pocket every time that ride rolled over." His grandfather, Arthur Kramer, maintained the ride. As a boy, Harold would come with his family on Sundays to visit Molly and George's lively home and then spend the day playing at the Playland Arcade. Harold's father was a commercial artist who did many of the paintings in the Tunnel of Laffs ride.

Harold Kramer passed away on April 2, 2021 at the age of 63.