Natalie Johnson

Memories of having a season locker at Ravenhall and Washington Baths Annex in the 1950s and '60s

Natalie Johnson
Interview Date:
March 19, 2021


Raised in Bay Ridge, Natalie Johnson has memories of going to Ravenhall Baths and Washington Baths Annex in the 1950's and 60s. From the time she was eight, her family had a season locker at Ravenhall until it closed after a 1963 fire. As a teen, her summers were spent at Washington Baths Annex. Natalie recalls their roomy walk-in locker at Ravenhall, which was equipped with a mirror, seating, shelves and hooks where they left their swimsuits overnight. Her mother would take Natalie and her sister to Ravenhall every day, and her grandmother would pick them up.  On the way home, they went on the rides at Steeplechase Park. "It was a wonderful way of life," she says.