Steve Garone and Dan Pisark

Friends since Mark Twain Junior High years

Steve Garone and Dan Pisark
Interview Date:
July 31 2010


Steve Garone (pictured above on the right) and Dan Pisark met as students at Mark Twain Junior High School and continued on together through Lafayette High School. Steve grew up in Gravesend Houses and recalls being poor but very happy as a kid in Coney Island. He attended the YMHA's day camp and swam in Ravenhall's salt-water pool and remembers fishing in the mackerel runs that came every seven years. Dan worked on Jones Walk for a proprietor named Fat Irving and Steve tells the story of working one day for him too as a guesser in his Fool the Guesser game. Doo-wop groups used to perform in Kaiser Park where the boys were dedicated "fence-sitters." Steve moved away from Brooklyn over three decades ago, but says he still fantasizes about moving back in retirement to Coney Island.