Cyclone, The

Surf Avenue front of the Cyclone roller coaster, taken from Surf Avenue looking south.
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Began his career as a sign painter in Coney Island
John Rea is currently an advertising professional and adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, but he began his career as a young teenager working for his father, also John Rea, in the Peluso Machine and Iron Works shop in Coney...
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Mr. Cyclone hopeful
Robby Corrado is a 2010 Mr. Cyclone contestant. His father brought him to Coney Island to celebrate his seventh birthday and inadvertently sparked a love for the Cyclone that has grown over the years. Robby talks about the inspiration for his...
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A fan of the Cyclone
Richard describes skipping school to visit in the 1970's when there was a "sense of adventure" in Coney Island. He describes the fun of riding the Cyclone and his hopes for the future of Coney Island. This photo of Richard comes from...
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First in line for a ride on the Cyclone
Erik Knapp of the rock band Mystical Children arrives in the middle of the night to be the first person in line to ride the Cyclone on opening day. He shows off his fresh tattoo of the ride's top hill.
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Devoted Cyclone Rider
At the time of this interview, Howie was in Coney Island on opening day to ride the Cyclone for the 50th year in a row. He was accompanied by his family, who have also been riding the Cyclone for years. Howie brought his wife to Coney Island shortly...
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Retired bus driver
Ronald, a retired New York City bus driver who lives in the Bronx, came to Coney Island on this day with his daughters via the Nostalgia Train, a set of six fully restored 30's and 40's era IND subway trains that the New York Transit...
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Artist and photographer
Lily Binder has photographed Coney Island extensively since her first visit in the 1970s. She claims that "The Cyclone is the most physically and mentally cleansing minute of your life because you can't think. It's pure adrenaline......
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Roller coaster restorer and enthusiast
Robert Maxwell came with his wife to visit Coney Island from the town of Amsterdam in upstate New York. They drove down for the day to eat Nathan's hot dogs and ride The Cyclone. Robert estimates that has ridden The Cyclone at least 35-40 times...
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Grew up in a Coney Island bungalow
Tommy Smith grew up with thirteen brothers and sisters in a Coney Island bungalow. Their father worked at a number of bars around town and Tommy began working around town at an early age too. He learned to make egg creams and frappes at Dick'...
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