Gravesend Houses

Actor, performer, artist, teacher
Glenn has lived in Coney Island all his life and, concurrent with the interview, performed on the boardwalk on weekends. He passionately recounts many detailed memories, including the Tuesday fireworks, the First Baptist Church, the YMCA, the movie...
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Friends since Mark Twain Junior High years
Steve Garone (pictured above on the right) and Dan Pisark met as students at Mark Twain Junior High School and continued on together through Lafayette High School. Steve grew up in Gravesend Houses and recalls being poor but very happy as a kid in...
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Worked at the B&B Carousell
Kevin speaks lovingly and sadly of the 49 years he lived in Coney Island, remembering his dear friends and employers at the The Bishoff & Brienstein Carousell (the B&B for short) and regretting what is to become of his home under the new...
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