Sea Gate

Got stuck on the Parachute Jump
David was born in Sea Gate in 1935 and, except for his time at Brooklyn College and in the army, has lived in Coney Island or Sea Gate all his life. One of his strongest memories is getting stuck on top of the Parachute Jump for 15 minutes and using...
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Founder of the Sea Gate Historical Society
Pete Spanakos first became familiar with Coney Island in the 1950's when he worked cleaning the beaches. In 1967, he moved into an historic home in Sea Gate built by Chrysler Building architect William Van Alen. Spanakos has a Golden Glove...
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Volume 4 of the 1929 edition of the Desk Atlas of Brooklyn. Published by the E. Belcher Hyde Map Company, the Desk Atlas was designed for real estate and insurance offices. The maps are minutely detailed, showing every block and lot, perimeters and...
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