Sea Gate

Summer resident of Sea Gate
Namomi Gorin and her family spent many Sundays in Coney Island as a getaway and an opportunity to spend time with extended family on the beach. She tells stories of her memories of Sea Gate, the beach and rides of Coney Island.
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Lifelong Coney and Sea Gate resident
Anne has lived in Coney Island or Sea Gate all her life, except for six years in Sheepshead Bay. She remembers many details from the past, including the social clubs, the Mardi Gras parade, the baby parade, Mermaid Avenue, the Yiddish theater, Coney...
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Volume 4 of the 1929 edition of the Desk Atlas of Brooklyn. Published by the E. Belcher Hyde Map Company, the Desk Atlas was designed for real estate and insurance offices. The maps are minutely detailed, showing every block and lot, perimeters and...
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