Surf Avenue Entrance (Luna Park (1903 - 1944)

Taken from Surf Avenue looking north west. To the east of the main entrance to Luna Park is Kisters Hotel and Restaurant. The building survived numerous fires, and the demise of its famous neighbor, until the 1970's. "For nearly a hundred years, the...
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Lived next door to Luna Park
Rose Patton, nee Schwartz, lived in Coney Island in 1938 in a house her mother and aunt inherited from their father. Rose's family of four and her aunt's family of three shared the house for about a year before moving back to Brighton...
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Page 12 (right) of the Glimpses of the New Coney Island book: Entrance to Luna Park, Looking Out to Surf Avenue Photograph from the inside part of the entrance to Luna Park with a view of crowds on Surf Avenue One of Coney Island's three main...
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